Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: What does per-diem mean?
Answer: Per Diem positions are those positions that we are unable to guarantee hours. We utilize per diem staff to assist departments in covering for vacations, illnesses, leaves of absence and to accommodate limited schedules where appropriate.

2. Question: When will I be contacted regarding the status of my application?
Answer: Unfortunately due to the volume of applications that are received, we cannot notify all applicants as to the status of their applications. Any inquiries or resumes received by email will be responded to by a member of the Human Resources Services Staff.

3. Question: Will I be notified if I’m not offered a position?
Answer: Due to the volume of applications that are received, you may not be notified regarding the status of your application. However if you are interviewed for a position and not extended an offer you will be so notified by telephone, email or regular mail.

4. Question: Does the hospital offer any training courses? Where can I get information about training in the area?
Answer: Windham Hospital’s Program of Radiologic Technology established in 1964 is a full time, 24-month program for students interested in a career in Medical Imaging. The Program starts a new class in mid-October each year. For more information regarding this program, please contact Pierrette Proctor at (860) 456-6871.

As for information regarding other training programs in the area, contact your local community college, or call Human Resources Services (860-456-6752 or 860-456-6936) for a review of training programs and requirements offered in the region. The Connecticut Hospital Association in Wallingford, Connecticut may also may be a resource.

5. Question: What types of benefits are offered by the Hospital?
Answer: Staff Members who are regularly scheduled for 24 hours or more per week are entitled to receive a full range of benefits. Please proceed to benefit page to view the benefits offered by Windham Hospital.

6. Question: How long does the application process take?
Answer: Once your application is received by Human Resources, it is forwarded to the appropriate department manager for review. This process takes approximately two weeks.

7. Question: Is there anyone I can meet with to discuss the position?
Answer: Once your application is reviewed, if there is interest by the Department Manager in pursuing your application, you will be contacted by the Department Manager or a member of Human Resources Services Staff to schedule an interview.

8. Question: How frequently are the job postings updated?
Answer: The job postings are updated on a weekly basis

9. Question:How often should I check on the status of my application?
Answer: You may check on the status of your application via email or telephone (860)456-6752 initially two weeks after your application has been submitted. A member of the Human Resources Staff will then direct you on how to proceed with inquiring about the status of your application thereafter.

10. Question: How long are applications held on file?
Answer: Applications are held for approximately 6 months.

11. Question: What is the age requirement for employment at Windham Hospital?
Answer: Generally, Windham Hospital requires that you be at least 18 years of age .

12. Question: What types of training/educational requirements are necessary for most positions?
Answer: High School Diploma or equivalent is required with positions requiring certification or advanced training as appropriate. Educational/training requirements for each position will be described with each position posting.

13. Question: What does the hospital offer in the form of assistance for continuing education?
Answer: Windham Hospital strongly supports and encourages professional growth through continued education. An employee has several ways of increasing his or her work related knowledge:

1. On site inservice education programs;
2. Outside seminar attendance.
3. Tuition assistance for course work attended at the college level

Windham Hospital also offers a Tuition Rebate to any recently graduating health care professional in certain fields.

14. Question: How many hours do you need to be employed to be a benefited employee?
Answer: Staff Members must be regularly scheduled for 24 hours or more per week to be entitled to benefits. Benefits are pro-rated as appropriate for eligible part time staff.

Please note that being fluent in language other than English especially Spanish is a plus for many of our positions. If you are fluent in Spanish, please be sure to note that fact on your application or resume.

Ser bilingue, ingles y espanol, es deseable para todas las posiciones. Bi-lingual spanish is a plus.