Community Health Care Needs Assessment

Care Management 
The Needs Assessment was conducted in 2011 with the following facilities; United Services, Windham Hospital, Day Kimball Hospital, Natchaug Hospital, Generations Family Health Center, VNA East, Northeast District Department of Health and Community Health Resources. The assessment process included 7 focus group sessions, a comprehensive telephone survey and secondary data. The focus groups were made up of first responders, Latinos, community leaders, school-based health providers, boomers, faith based groups and youth groups. The telephone survey consisted of 630 interviews of residents from 15 municipalities.

The following areas of need were uncovered in the 2011 Needs assessment; Health insurance, physical activity, dental visits, heart attacks, stroke, smoking, flu shots, prostate cancer screening, diabetes, BMI’s, fruit and vegetables.

To be the most effective and make the greatest impact on our community, it is understood that not all needs can be addressed at once. The two key priority areas identified, Diabetes and Access to Care, are expected to also have a significantly influential impact on BMI’s, diets containing fruits and vegetables, physical activity, cardiac disease and strokes.

During 2012, there were unexpected changes in the availability of prenatal care in our community. The 2012 Needs Assessment Workplan draft had to be amended to address this urgent situation and therefore was not able to be approved by the Hospital Board in 2012. The Hospital’s Needs Assessment Workplan was approved in January 2013 and focuses on diabetes and access to Care.

Windham Hospital already has community benefit programs available to the community on cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, our Emergency Department has a smoking cessation program provided to ED patients, the Nutrition Department regularly presents programs to the community on proper nutrition, diabetes management, weight loss and physical activity.

If you have questions or comments about the Needs Assessment, please contact Janette Edwards, HHC East Region Director of Business Development and Planning- 860.889.8331 ext. 3872.