Wound Care & Surgical Clinic

 wound care

A Gentle, Healing Touch...

We are dedicated to improving patient outcomes by healing wounds, preventing re-occurrence, and providing education for patients and their families.

Our Services Include:

wound clinic
Diagnosis and wound assessment at strategic intervals, performed by the Surgical Clinic physicians.

Comprehensive wound assessment by a registered nurse certified in Wound Care. We look at the wound location, type, dimensions, and evaluate the wound and the skin surrounding it for any swelling, redness or circulation problems.

Patient evaluations, including wound history, previous wound therapies, nutritional assessment, medical history, social history, review of physical examinations, assessments and treatment plans.

Outpatient wound care treatments for non-healing wounds, pressure ulcers, lower-extremity venous ulcers, arterial ulcers, neuropathic or diabetic ulcers, traumatic wounds and surgical wounds.

Patient education about wound causes, relief factors, treatment options, skin and wound care instructions, proper nutrition and pressure-relieving measures.
Coordination of supplies and follow through with home healthcare agencies as needed.